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Our Italian Heritage through Genealogy

ften it is important to know from where we have come.  This provides a fuller sense of direction in one's life, in the light participating in a larger general design. All who contributed to our own genetic map and in its make- up are in a certain sense still living inside ourselves, wherever their physical existence took place.  It may seem an exaggeration, but you may answer many personal questions with a bit of discovery in your family's past, in the history, behaviors and customs that your ancesters took along with them and left in father and mother and in you; and maybe, just maybe they are unconsciously transmitting to you and to your children.

here is a special thrill within your self when you finds something that seemed lost forever and maybe it would have been lost, if you had not cared enough to discover it. From the dusty, crumbling pages of paper documents, people who belong to what you are, now come out of the mist of time and silently look at you with affectionately, waiting for you to decipher their stories, rescue them from oblivion and pass their, as yet, forgotten names and stories on to the next generations.

enealogy, like all research, needs imagination … that special feeling that there must be something somewhere, just the right stone must be overturned, the right question asked, the right person interviewed need to connect the missing link.  However, as experience testifies, each family search is different; nevertheless, just to give you a rough idea of the work involved, the activity, energy and knowledge required, we have developed this introduction. We hope it is useful especially for those of you just beginning to re-discover your family history.


For those who are interested in beginning a family search or in expanding your family tree, for a free consultion, contact

f you are interested in doing some genealogical (family) research before joining one of our Heart of Italy Tours, we suggest you to contact us long in advance of your arrival in Italy. This is prudent, for you will be able to know much more about your Italian heritage, your ancestral places and (why not...) start to keep in touch with your long lost Italian Family! 

For further information on our services and receive an estimate, Contact

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