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History of Playing Cards 

Historical research show that playing cards made their first appearance in China around the 10th century A.D.. Over the following centuries, their use spread out in the Arab world and through trading and cultural exchanges, they also spread to the populations of the mediterranean ares. The most ancient deck of cards is kept in the turkish Topkapi museum in Instanbul.

In the western world, playing cards appear for the first time around the year 400 A.D. in Spain, while in Italy, the first deck of tarot cards is printed during the first half of the 5th century.

The most ancient deck of cards remaining was drawn and painted in south-eastern Germany around the year 1430.

From the 15th century onwards, playing cards became a common sight in several european courts and in many parts of Europe, specific local decks began to be produced. The various regional decks took form from these diverse combinations, and are still in use today.

Modiano Playing Cards


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