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About ForeverItalian.com

My name is Diana Frunzi-Reimer. I am a second generation Italian-American.  My husband Don Reimer is a second generation Irish/English-American.  Let us say that together, we are forever Italian.

ForeverItalian.com is born from a belief we hold that in these times and within the Italian-American community, its third-generation, by in large, may be less aware of their great Italian heritage, traditions and time-tested customs that are found in the eternal value of strong family ties. 

ForeverItalian.com is born from a passion to engage the Italian-American community in any viable format for an expressed purpose of 1) fostering a increased knowledge of the Italian heritage 2) creating a deeper sense of tradition 3) aiding in the strengthening of family ties 4) promoting the community sharing of useful information. 

ForeverItalian.com combines a network of business associations and working relationships that we have made over the years; namely, Abruzzo World Club, ABRUZZO TOURS, Abruzzo World Club / USA, Genealogy d’Italia and TravelVista d’Italia

Each of the above active associations is available to the Italian and the Italian-American community to enjoy the many meaningful and memorable services and uniquely gifts that we offer. 

Therefore, the desired intent of ForeverItalian.com is to provide an opportunity to make “Gifts that Remember” a part of your family and future familes to come. 



Since the late 1990’s, Abruzzo World Club has worked in the tourism and genealogy fields. We offer a wide range of services to those interested in discovering, or rediscovering, an unspoiled Italy, with our main focus on Abruzzo and the surrounding regions.  Thanks to our services, many of our North American, Australian, and South American clients have been able to find out more about their Italian heritage, to walk the narrow, stone-paved streets walked by their grandparents, to hear the toll of the bells that called their grand-, and great grandparents home at the end of a workday, and much more.  Where we have assisted as interpreters, so many of our clients met with and lingered over meals with long-lost relatives ... that our logbook includes almost more reunions than we can count. 

However, Abruzzo and Central Italy offer much more than genealogy. You will discover ancient traditions, unspoiled natural beauty, amazing artisanship and unparalleled artistic treasures that offer a rare chance to experience an undiscovered Italy far away from the beaten paths of the tourist...an Italy of local festivals, real people, warm welcomes and genuine cuisine. Our intimately sized tours afford our travelers personalized and friendly service. It is our pleasure and a privilege to introduce you to unique and vibrant culture of Abruzzo. Like us, we are sure that you too will fall in love with the Abruzzo region. 

For nine years now, Abruzzo World Club through ABRUZZO TOURS and Heart of Italy Tours has organized escorted tours of beautiful Abruzzo that included favorite destinations of Rome, Pompei and Assisi in the nearby regions of Lozio, Campania and Umbria.  These escorted tours show our travelers the most beautiful spots, providing each visitor to taste and enjoy the homemade food and great wines that are made with the rich grapes growing under the Adriatic sun ... we introduce them to the heritage and culture of a region that was rich in civilization well before the Romans.

Abruzzo World Club / USA
Abruzzo World Club / USA came about through a mutual desire to aid the Italian America community to re-discover their Italian roots and one day, perhaps, visit Italy to meet their living Italian relatives.  

In 1997, I started my initial family search and with the help of a several wonderful abruzzese who founded Abruzzo World Club, I uncover information on my mother‘s and father’s ancestors and by 2001, meeting my relatives became a reality.

As founding members of ABRUZZO TOURS in 1999 and through our family search business association with Abruzzo World Club and and our extensive travels throughout the regions of southern regions of Italy, we founded
Genealogy d’Italia and ABRUZZO TOURS and TravelVista d’Italia.

Genealogy d' Italia
Genealogy d’Italia is a name we gave to our passion for research of Italian family ancestry.  Genealogy d’ Italia is a direct outgrowth from my own family search that started in United States and a search that is ongoing in Italy in association and close collaboration with Abruzzo World Club. 

As a second generation Italian-American and researcher, I have uncovered, re-discovered, and met in person with four of my families who live in four of Italy’s regions, namely, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania and Basilicata. 

Having been very successful in finding my Italian family and enjoying my newly found relationships with my Italian families, I desire to offer my experience in a practical way to help other Italian Americans uncover their Italian roots.

ABRUZZO TOURS came about through a mutual desire of one Italian family and one Italian-American family working together to promote further tourism of the Abruzzo region of Italy; first to the Abruzzese in particular, than to the Italian- America community at large and to the world in general. 

This is our passion to make it possible as an individual, family or as a church group or Italian-American Association to visit Abruzzo, the long-lost Italy for which you have been searching: awe-inspiring mountains, wooded solitudes, verdant gentle hills rolling toward warm sandy beaches and the bustling medieval cities

We at ABRUZZO TOURS can provide an unrivaled opportunity to experience an un-adulterated and genuine culture. Untouched by mass tourism, we provide a way for you to come, see and discover Abruzzese history and art, family and research, nature and landscapes and the food & wines here in the heart of Italy!

TravelVista d' Italia
TravelVista d’Italia became a reality when I accepted that which I have been hearing over and over from Don, our kids, relatives and friends saying,  “... Diana, you take some amazing  photos ...”. 

With my husband and sometimes with our kids, I have traveled the length of beautiful Italy from sea to sea.  Everywhere I looked, I saw the vista of unique and wondrous offerings of the Italian
regions, provinces and communes. 

As an amateur photographer, I attempted to capture those images ... images that reflect, in their natural setting, a small part of the Italian history, culture, architecture,
nature, and its natural landscapes.  Hence, the name TravelVista d’Italia, as it came to be called nine years later after of numerous visits to Italy, and hundreds of memories on film.


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